New Music: "The Volunteer", Commercial music samples


I'm about to post some new music at the top of the site, featuring the score for the short film "The Volunteer" & some commercial music (mostly christmas) samples! 

The Volunteer is a short film about two passing strangers who form a bond in a dark time. I was asked to score the film this summer by the producer, co-writer and star of the film, my best friend from back home in Indiana, Sarah Haworth. It was my first film/scoring experience, and it felt very natural to help tell the story of the heroine Grace. I relied heavily on my theater background (and some beginners luck) to get through it, and I really feel amazing about the way it turned out. I also learned a TON working with director Michael Willer about film, and how to set music to film. It was a fantastic experience and I feel really good about the score. 

The commerical music I'll be posting features selections I've recieved prompts for over the last few months, including a lot of Christmas music. Which I'm sure everyone is really into on Dec. 30th. ;) 

I'm glad to share some of my best work from the last 6 months or so. Here's to much more music in 2017.