Progress on the B E A T L E S EP // Collab with Max Wagner

I'm working on a Beatles EP for Oliver Heimach, set to release May 15th. Part of what I want to do with OHEI Productions is share works in progress. 

I knew I wanted one of my first projects for Oliver Heimach to be an EP of Beatles covers that really turned me on. Songs like Richman, Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey, and Girl might not be the most popular Beatles tracks, but they're some of the songs that have inspired me most. I'll be updating these, as well as adding two more covers on May 15th. 

The tracks themselves were really cooking, but they're catching fire after getting guitar treatment from my friend & fellow former Chicagoan Max Wagner - Not only is he the nicest person to work with, but he's damn talented. His guitar really transforms the tracks into something Beatle-esque. If you are in LA and in need of a multi-dimensional guitar/bass player, this is your guy.