Frances Luke Accord's "Fluke" is anything but

When I first saw Frances Luke Accord in Chicago a few years back, I knew that they were special. The musical chemistry between singer/guitarists Nick Gunty and Brian Powers was so natural and so subtle, yet completely inundated the room. My band at the time, The Puffins, was fortunate enough to have played with them several times thereafter; and they were magnetic every time they took the stage.

They've just released a new album, "Fluke" and it's a beautiful whirlwind of that strange magic Nick and Brian bring with them to the stage. A fusion of Americana, Jazz, and Indie Pop that is soaring, thoughtful, dark and sweet. It's hard to stay away from a Simon & Garfunkel comparison, but they are just as much Fleet Foxes & Nickel Creek. It's a road trip album as much as it is an art gallery album. It would play as well on Lower East Side of Manhattan as it would in a river town on the Mississippi. And for me, today, on a cloudy day in Hollywood, it's a perfect soundtrack.

Tracks to check out: 

Okay, who are these guys?: "David"

Road Trip: "On The Road" (don't miss this one. epic.)

The one that goes viral: "In The Snow"

Check the album out on Spotify here:  (also on iTunes, etc)

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